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about THE boat

Our wooden boat Ljubljanica was build with sole purpose in mind: to transport people on continental waters. Her functionality can vary. During daytime she’s mostly used as a hydrobus on the river Ljubljanica. She’s ferrying people, predominantly tourists, through Slovenian capital city Ljubljana. She does so hourly for our regular boat tours or upon request for private boat tours. In evenings she can serve as a party boat. The central space of the boat Ljubljanica measures about 30 square meters or almost 323 square feet. That makes her very adoptable for many different occasions. We can meet the most demanding wishes, needs and expectations of our clients and guests.


A type of boat: flat-bottomed, made of solid larch and oak wood
Length: 10 m (33 feet)
Width: 4.4 m (14 feet)
Capacity: 48 passengers + 2 crew members
Weight (without passengers): 7500 kg (16500 pounds)
Weight (with max passengers): 11500 kg (25150 pounds)
Electric propulsion: Two outboard motors e’dyn 2035 (20 kW, 2400 RPM, 96 V) by Podkrižnik
Electric battery: multi-module 172 kWh LiFePO4 by TAB
Position of the steering wheel: last third by length, in the center of the boat by width
Location of a toilet and ship’s bar: at the stern (the rear of the boat)
Entrance: at the bow (in front), on the port (left) and starboard (right) side


The idea about a new, inovative wooden boat made in Slovenia came to life at Bled in 2010.

build facts

The Ljubljanica is a river boat that was handmade built in Slovenia.

Build time needed: 3500 working hours
Wood used: 7 cubic meters  (247 cubic feet), 350 square meters (3767 square feet) of Okoume plywood 
Screws: 15000 pieces, Zink- Nickel, produced by Wuerth
Polyurethane glue: 40 kilograms (88 pounds)
Epoxy glue: 55 kilograms (121 pounds)
Fiberglass: 80 square meters (861 square feet)
Polyurethane paint: 50 liters (13.2 US liquid gallons)
Alkyd varnish: 27 litres (7.1 US liquid gallons)
Alkyd paint: 15 litres (4 US liquid gallons)
Electrical wires: more than 500 meters (1640 feet)



Our company strives to make a progress in the field of river infrastructure and vessels.

We are allowing and even boosting different views of how the tourism on the river should develop.

We wish to be in good relations with all other boat tour providers, with the city of Ljubljana and with the local community.

We would like to be in the forefront as an eco friendly energy user for powering our vessels.

We are informing people about the development potentials that river Ljubljanica is offering.

We are constantly working hard to keep the river water as clean as possible.


Our crew consist of experienced crew members starting with our river boat captain.

Luka Škof

Captain of the river boat Ljubljanica