April: Every full hour starting at 11 AM, the last boat tour at 7 PM, every boat tour last 50-minutes.

May – September: Every full hour starting at 11 AM, the last boat tour at the beginning of September at 8 PM, after that in accordance with sunset times, every boat tour last 50-minutes.

October: Every full hour, the first boat tour at 11 AM at first, than 12 PM, the last boat tour at 4 PM at first, than 3 PM, every boat tour last 50-minutes.

November: Every full hour starting at noon (12 PM), the last boat tour at 3 PM, some 4 PM exceptions possible especially on weekend days, every boat tour last 50-minutes, when the city turn on all the holiday lights we switch to December’s regime (read below).

December: During work days, from Monday to Friday, the first 30-minute boat tour starts at 3:30 PM and last one starts at 8:30 PM. Every Saturday and Sunday we offer 50-minute boat tours, the first starts at 11 PM, last one starts at 2 PM. We start with the first 30-minute boat tour at 3 PM and the last one starts at 8:30 PM.

The weather and its consequences do influence our boat tour timetable a lot. Give us a call when there is bad weather in Ljubljana and strong flow of the river Ljubljanica and we will kindly inform you when we are sailing.

We need to hear from you in advance for all kinds of private boat tours, being business of pleasure, like weddings, stag parties, etc. Such special boat tours can change our regular timetable. Please, give a call regarding the timetable of our boat tours ahead of your visit.

 We are a company with the limited liability and have to work in accordance to the economic law of demand and supply. Outside of the main tourist season we have to adjust our supply. Meaning that there are days when the demand is so low that we just can’t operate on the river.

Please do not hesitate to call us and we will inform you about our sailing operations on the river.

We reserve the right to execute our boat tours with our spare or subrented boats, i.e. Ponirek III, when our regular boat Ljubljanica is in maintenance and thus unavailable. Thank you for your understanding and your trust that you have in us.



Novi trg, Breg 2, Ljubljana


+386 41 386 945 (between 9AM and 6PM)


boarding location

The closest address to our boarding location is Breg 2, located at the New Squire. This is actually our partner’s address, Pop’s Pizza. We are located underneath an ex-mayor Ivan Hribar’s statue, which is in close proximity to Pizzeria.

Our advice to those of you that are driving to Ljubljana with your cars to park in a parking lot near Krizanke (Nuk II) or on Congressional square (PH Kongresni trg), not far from the river Ljubljanica and our boarding place.


Be up to date with our boat rides and see many beautiful posts from our magnificent river Ljubljanica!