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January – April: Please bear in mind that in this time of the year weather and/or river conditions might not be in our favour (read below under CANCELLATIONS). In such cases we cease all operations until the conditions get back to normal for performing boat tours. Please contact us for more information.

May – September: Every hour on the hour starting at 11 AM. The last of the daily boat tours normally starts at 7 PM. The boat tours at 8 PM and later are organized in accordance with demand. Please call us for more information. All boat tours last 50 minutes.

October: Every hour on the hour. The first boat tour starts at 11 AM in the first half of the month, than at 12 PM at the end of the month. The last boat tour starts at 4 PM in the first half of the month, than at 3 PM. Each of the boat tour last 50 minutes.

November: Every hour on the hour, starting at noon (12 PM), the last boat tour is normally scheduled at 3 PM, exceptionally at 4 PM especially on weekend days. Each of the boat tour lasts 50 minutes.


When the city turns on the festive illumination at the begining of the month we switch to December’s regime.

During work days, from Monday to Friday, we start with 25 minutes long boat tours on 30 minutes interval. The first 25 minutes boat tour starts at 4:00 PM and last one starts at 8:00 PM. We might stop our daily schedule early, according to the demand.

Every Saturday and Sunday we also offer our 50-minute boat tours if there is interest from our clients. The first 50-minute boat tour starts at 11 AM, the last one starts at 3 PM. We start with the 25 minutes boat tours at 3 PM and then on 30 minutes interval. The last 25 minute boat tour starts at 8:00 PM.

Additional information:

We need to hear from you in advance for all kinds of private boat tours, being business of pleasure, like weddings, stag parties, etc. Such special boat tours can change our regular timetable. Please, give a call regarding the timetable of our boat tours ahead of your visit.

We are a company with the limited liability and have to work in accordance to the economic law of demand and supply. Outside of the main tourist season we have to adjust our supply. Meaning that there are days when the demand is so low that we just can’t operate on the river.

Please do not hesitate to call us and we will inform you about our sailing operations on the river.

We reserve the right executing our boat tours with our spare or with subrented boats, i.e. Ponirek III, Mala Zala when our regular boat Ljubljanica is in maintenance and thus unavailable. Thank you for your understanding and for trusting us.


Sailing through the Slovenian capital city Ljubljana is a magnificent experience. A boat tour on the river Ljubljanica is thus a perfect gift to people you care about.

Let your loved ones, family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and all others that you care about get the magical experience of seeing Ljubljana from the beautiful river perspective.

In that regard company Lakercraft d.o.o. offers you a chance to buy two kinds of gift coupons.

The first kind is a gift coupon for one 50-minute long boat tour anytime through the calendar year and can be used aboard all our vessels that we do boat tours with.

The number of the passengers stated on the gift coupon can be set by the buyer and the price of the gift coupon is calculated and charged accordingly.

The price of the gift coupon for one passenger older then 12 years is 14 EUR and for one child between 6 and 12 years of age is 7 EUR.

The second kind is a gift coupon for one 50-minute long romantic boat tour for two persons.

Sailing through Slovenian capitol city of Ljubljana on our wooden boat called Ljubljanica together with your most dearest person is a must for those looking for the very best romantic experience of the last decade.

All romantic couples are greeted with a glass of local spirkling wine and a small “potička”, traditional Slovenian pastry baked by the local butik lePotica.

The price of the gift coupon for the romantic boat tour on the Ljubljanica river is 45 EUR.

Both kinds of gift coupons are available to buy on-board our boats at our boarding address Breg 1, near Novi trg, Ljubljana.

You can also order them online by sending us an email at info@barka-ljubljanica.si.

In this case we will send you the chosen gift coupon from our company address via post to a home or a business address specified in your email. You will find the invoice for the gift coupon in the shipment. Please keep in mind the delivery time.


It’s our sincere intention to operate boat tours without any cancellations to make our current, as well as our new guests and business clients happy. However, things do not go according to our plans every time. In such instances we unfortunately have to cancel one or more boat tours.

Mechanical or similar technical issues are the most common cause when we have to cancel as many boat tours as we need to resolve issues. The safety of our guests is our most important priority. We only use vessels that are sail worthy.

Sudden crew member illness or injury can result in boat tour or tours cancellation. Luckily this does not happen very often, but when it does we are fortunate enough to have some spare crew members on stand by and can bring them in very quickly.

Scheduled events, scheduled maintenance works or other kind of undelayed works on the river are rarely reason for boat tour or tours cancellation. When it does come to such a situation we have to partially or in wholly cancelled one or more boat tours on the Ljubljanica river.

The weather conditions and subsequent weather-related conditions on the river are the most common factor that influence our scheduled boat tours. In case of a really bad weather, dense fog and/or strong flow of the river Ljubljanica we have to cease our operations. Too strong flow of the river is our main reason for boat tours cancellations. We call it big time force majeure.

We operate boat tours when the river flow (slovene pretok) value is below or a bit over 100 cubic meters per second or 26417.2 US liquid gallons per second. The maximum value that we still can be on the river is at 120 cubic meters per second or 31700.6 US liquid gallons per second. When there’s a chance of heavy debris coming with the river flow we cease our operations even sooner due to safety concerns.

We make our operational decisions based on informal up-to-date river flow value received from measuring site called Postaja Moste 1 – Ljubljanica that is managed by Slovenian environmental agency (ARSO), a part of Ministry of Environment and Spatial planning of Republic of Slovenia:



Breg 1, near Novi trg, Ljubljana


+386 41 386 945 (8 AM – 7 PM CET)



boarding location

Our boat is moored to the shore of the river Ljubljanica at embarkment and disembarkment point at Breg 1 (Breg – Keller), near Novi trg. We are located underneath the statue of Ljubljana’s ex-mayor Ivan Hribar.

Closest parking lots are near Križanke (Nuk II) or beneath Congressional square (PH Kongresni trg), not far from the river Ljubljanica and our boarding place.

You can check parking availability by following this link.



We will present the new Facebook page of our modified wooden beauty – boat Ljubljanica – in 2024. With that we wish to get in touch with you, our dear guests from around the world, even better. We are currently officially not present on Facebook, as well as on any other social media platforms. However, there are still active Facebook pages from the past that we are no longer associated with.